Why I love professional home repair franchises

Do you know anyone who owns a home? Do you own a home (or two)? When something breaks, needs repairs, maintenance, painting, updating – do you fix it yourself? I didn’t think so. That is why professional home repair franchises are flourishing. Most people do not like or simply do not have the know-how, tools, wherewithal, or time to repair the myriad items that can go wrong in a home. We all know about the “honey-do list”, it’s usually a long list of repairs that need done and the cost of putting off those repairs can run into the thousands especially if it’s serious like a water leak, or roof damage. It’s difficult to find someone reliable to take care of these tasks.

This is where a professional home repair franchise saves the day.

Below are 10 reasons why owning a professional home repair franchise can be an excellent choice:

1. Multiple revenue streams. Think about all of the repairs and maintenance on a home.
2. Owners have management experience and are focused on building the business along with customer satisfaction driving repeat business. They are not doing the repairs!
3. Updated technology and software that will support your business. Keeping up with technology can be a daunting task – let the franchisor keep you up to date so you can work on your business.
4. Trained technicians – technicians are trained to provide quality work and customer service.
5. Marketing and advertising programs that are proven to drive your sales.
6. Systems in place to fast start your business and get you off the ground and running quickly.
7. Professional call center where calls will be answered timely and routed to the correct person.
8. The support of a large group of people in the corporate office that are behind you and want you to succeed.
9. Exclusive territories.
10. Experience and success behind the brand.

The growing consumer demand for professional home repairs is one area where the owner can take great pride in helping others, putting people to work, and making people happy through a job well done.

Someone who makes a good home repair franchise owner has a sales or management background with good communication skills. As an owner of any franchise you must be willing to follow a system and be a team player. Military retirees are very good candidates for this type of franchise.

So why do I love professional home repair franchises? They have done their research through experience and are knowledgeable about what works to build a successful business. They are professional and show the owner how to provide professional, quality service. They offer a valuable service that people need everyday – there is no seasonality to home repairs, they happen all the time. They take a burden off homeowners and put people to work. Why reinvent the wheel when the road to success has already been paved. If you are motivated to own your own business, take a look at this opportunity and start building your empire now.

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