Are you a Franchise Pioneer?

According to the “The Free Dictionary”, the definition of a pioneer is 1) One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle or 2) One who opens up new areas of thought, research or development. A franchise pioneer introduces a new concept.

From time to time a new a product or service becomes available that pioneers an industry. For those that are enterprising and venturous the opportunity to enter a pioneering market can be the chance of a lifetime offering challenge, adventure, and success.
This past year I have discovered a few franchise concepts that are pioneers in their industries and really stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in emerging brands and looking for the challenge of growing a pioneering business take a few minutes to consider the benefits of these concepts.

Healthy food concept:

1) Complete meal in a bowl – delicious, healthy, nutritious, natural, convenient
2) Team of developers that are highly experienced in food franchising
3) Rapidly growing market of health conscious consumers
4) Proven concept
5) Small footprint
6) Franchisor provides extensive marketing and social media support<a
7) Low cost food franchise
8) Streamlined operations
9) Profitable business model
10) Few employees – simple operation
11) Seeking Area Developers of 3-5 stores
12) Semi-absentee owner
Why I like this concept – I am always looking for a healthy, nutritious, tasty meal that is easy to eat – especially when I am in a hurry. This concept fits the bill and there are people everywhere looking for this type of healthy meal. Think about the options for this small footprint, simple operation franchise – locate near college campuses (millennial’s love it), hospitals, coffee shops, and gyms. Considering the amazing backing of a multi-million dollar franchise system, this concept has potential to scale up quickly and make a lot of people successful. Yum!

Wellness/Spa Concept

1) Unique high-end float spa – renews, refreshes and revives.
2) Appeal to broad range of clients; used by athletes and public figures
3) Semi absentee or Absentee owner option
4) Industry is growing at a rapid pace
5) Market leading equipment and high-end build
6) Recurring revenue model
7) Satisfaction of providing a service that helps your customers feel better
8) Few employees
9) High profit margins
10) Simple operation

Why I like this concept –

Anything that helps people relax and feel renewed sounds like a winner. The recurring revenue, few employees and simple operation are other reasons to take a look, especially if you are looking to be a semi-absentee or absentee owner. A business that helps people feel better provides a great deal of satisfaction for the owner. The wellness/spa industry is growing and this is a very unique concept. Revive your portfolio with this spa concept.

Repair and Restore

1) Innovative and unique franchise opportunity
2) Low all in investment covers cost of equipment, vehicle, and expenses to launch a business
3) Backed by a multi-million dollar franchise group
4) Business focuses on water damage, mold remediation, and carpet cleaning.
5) Excellent training and ongoing support from franchisor
6) Guaranteed minimum income in first year
7) Franchisor Handles Billing, Accounting, and Payroll Services
8) Strong insurance industry referral leads
9) Large territories

Why I like this concept –

This concept provides everything you need to start your business for a very low investment. A successful multi-million dollar franchise group that has other franchise concepts and experienced management backs this business. The support, training, and office assistance are extensive. They take a lot of the work and expense out of the start-up and do it for you. Check out this unique franchise model that provides a valuable professional service.

These are just three possible franchises from which to choose. If you are in the hunt for the next “hot” franchise, there are many factors to consider before making a decision. Each franchise offers it’s own investigation process of several steps. You should always conduct due diligence before making an investment and talk with an attorney, accountant, and other franchisees before signing a franchise agreement. Select Franchise Consultants will help you narrow your options and find the franchise that is the right fit for you saving you time and frustration.