Best absentee owner franchises that only require 2 hours a month

Rare opportunities to own franchises run by the corporate team and you only need two hours a month.

Diversify your portfolio with an Absentee owner Franchise

The majority of franchises are set-up for executives that want to be involved in the business either as owner/operator or executive manager.

Totally passive absentee owner franchise models sell out quickly

However, last year, a totally passive absentee owner franchise model was introduced that quickly sold out in most of the United States. Hundreds of territories, entire cities SOLD OUT in a few short months. The business model is compelling, exciting, and demonstrates success at every level.

Due to the success of this franchise model, the same franchise developers have introduced more absentee owner investment franchises with the option of having them run the business or franchisees choose a semi-absentee model.

Two hours a month of your time

The corporate run franchises only require about two hours of your time a month! Your chance to invest in a business without giving up your current career.

The benefits are:

  1. Someone else runs the business, you reap the rewards!
  2. No need to live in the territory where the businesses are located.
  3. Lots of territory available – but will go fast.
  4. You are hands-off. No late-night hours or calls on the weekends.
  5. Highly scalable investment with multiple units. Build an empire.
  6. Take advantage of tax deductions for businesses.
  7. Opportunity to get in on the ground floor of emerging franchises.
  8. Invest in a business while interest rates are at historical lows.
  9. Take pride in the fact you are putting people to work and helping your community.
  10. Diversify your portfolio.
  11. Expand your horizons – do something new!
  12. BONUS: Keep your day job and let the business do the work.

Totally passive investments are not for everyone.

  1. You must be well capitalized and have a net worth of at least $500,000.
  2. You should be comfortable delegating work to others.
  3. There is a fee to run the business-just as hiring a manager.

Now is the time to diversify your portfolio and invest in one of the best absentee owner franchises.

There is high demand for passive income businesses. Experience has shown that territories will sell out quickly. Contact Trish before territories are SOLD OUT!

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