Do you love coffee, pets, building, repairing, sports, sales, managing, decorating, helping others, or cars?  Perhaps you long to better the world by working in a green business.  Would providing a service that promotes the health of seniors or increases child development give you the sense of service you feel is missing from your life?   Do you see yourself helping other businesses grow by providing marketing, signage, or printing services?  If you are longing for more than just the status quo of going to work everyday, and desire to control your destiny, owning a franchise may be the answer to your dreams.  There are franchises available in over 35 categories of business – if you feel the need to own your own business, there is at least one franchise category that will interest you.

Since there are franchises available in almost every industry, Select Franchise Consulting is here to assist you in finding the franchise that meets your interests, experiences, desired geographic location, and financial capabilities.

Worried that you don’t have experience in the industry in which you are considering?  Don’t worry – most franchisors do not require that you have experience in their specific area of business because their systems are set up for you to follow so you can be successful without direct experience in the industry.  Franchisors desire someone who can manage others and follow their proven systems; they want you to be successful.

Did you know there are medical franchises – and that it’s possible to own your own lab or quick-care with the support of a national known franchise?  Do you desire to help others find employment?  Employment franchises are growing in demand during this time when temporary employees are the norm in many industries.  Do you live in a Southern State where solar panels are popular?  There are franchises in the solar industry.  Does a charming clothing boutique make you smile, or perhaps you dream of helping others decorate their homes – a franchise system will provide the support to get your business off the ground in just a few months.

If you are the type that “needs” to own your own business, give Select Franchise Consultants a call.  We can help you find a business that meets your goals.