Corporate refugees looking to buy a franchise

Time for a change?

Are you one of the thousands of corporate refugees looking for a franchise? Have you been downsized, laid off, and/or deemed obsolete? Perhaps you are just tired of the same grind day in and day out. For the underemployed, without a clear path to climbing the ladder in the company where they work. It is time for a change.

Scott Mautz, speaker and writer, explains eight realizations from leaving his corporate job in an article for Inc. Com, He says,  “Being outside of a highly stressful corporate environment has lowered my defenses, and raised my interpersonal IQ. I’m more relaxed, less preoccupied, and more fully present with others.”

Corporate refugees

Corporate refugees are those who are forced out of their job or become fed up and quit. There are individuals who wish someone would fire them because they don’t have the courage to quit. Talk to a corporate refugee long enough, and you’ll find they think of themselves more like escapees — and they love their newfound freedom.

One factor that motivates someone to make a change is feeling trapped in their current position. Nothing kills the spirit more than feeling limited and confined. And if the only way to move is sideways or not at all, it may be time for a change.

Looking to buy a franchise

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur at heart. Owning a business may be the ticket to your freedom. Buying a franchise can get you there faster and with the assistance of an executive team. You will “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.”

My book, Franchising Without Fear provides you with clear directions to choosing the right business or franchise. For a workable course of action that will pulverize the grind and turn it in to stepping stones to owning a business, get your copy today and begin your journey to joy.

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