Do something outside yourself – open a franchise

Following is an excerpt from Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business:

If you want something in your life you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done.
— Unknown

Are You a Corporate Refugee?

If you are dissatisfied with your job, you are not alone. According to a Gallop poll released in 2017, eighty-five percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs.

Have you been downsized, laid off, let go, and made obsolete? Are you underemployed, without a clear path to move up in your company? Perhaps you are just tired of the same grind day in and day out. Do you feel yourself grinding to a halt?

Corporate refugees are those who were forced out of a “real job” or got fed up and quit. Some individuals wish someone would fire them because they don’t have the courage to quit. Talk to a corporate refugee long enough, though, and you’ll find they think of themselves more like escapees — and they love their new-found freedom.

In my work with individuals looking to buy a franchise, I have talked to many people in the above circumstances. Their frustration is apparent from our first conversation.

Trapped, lack of control, no passion, disengaged

One factor that is sure to motivate someone to make a change is feeling trapped in their current state. Nothing kills the spirit more than feeling trapped. And if the only way you can move is sideways or not at all, it may be better to leave altogether.

Are you frustrated by your lack of control? Do you regularly see things that need to be changed, but lack the credentials to make changes? Are there improvements you would like to make, but don’t have the power to do so? Owning your own business will allow you the liberty to make improvements and give you more control over your destiny.

Are you in a position that is changing, and you are dreading a forced change? Perhaps you just aren’t interested in your work, you do not feel any passion towards your career and you’re tired of making money for someone else. You are not engaged.” (Benedik, 2019)


There are options and one of them is to consider changing your day-to-day life by looking at franchise options. You will be surprised at the opportunities that are turning corporate refugees into business owners. Take the first step and do something outside yourself – open a franchise.

“If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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