Do you have the anatomy of an Entrepreneur?

What is the entrepreneur’s anatomy? These are several common characteristics with my answers in italics.  Entrepreneur’s have:

  •  Eyes for spotting opportunities. I see opportunity everywhere I go and in everything I do.
  • A brain full of ideas. My mind is always considering how to make things better. Ideas just flow constantly, often keeping me up at night,
  • A stomach for trusting your gut. Yep, I’ve done it. Doesn’t always work out, but I have to try.
  • A heart full of passion. I am truly passionate about the people I am serving.
  • Thick skin to cope with the lows. Yes, there are more lows than highs in this business.
  • Dancing feet to celebrate the wins. Oh yeah, I’ve got that too and a bottle of champagne to go with it.
  • How did you score?
  • What else would you add to the entrepreneur’s anatomy?

Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Trish Benedik is an author, franchise/business consultant, and small business advocate. She enjoys walking her dogs, swimming, vintage markets, and camping. In the past, Trish owned and competed on several horses, lived on a 40 acre farm, and taught business courses. She finds inspiration from her family, quotes from famous business people, and small business owners everywhere. Trish wrote the award winning book “Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business” available on amazon or at For more information check out her websites Select Franchise Consulting and Trish