Franchise Myths

An excerpt from Franchising Without Fear by Trish Benedik

As with any business, many myths about franchises keep individuals from moving forward. Just like the “grapevine game” we played as children, information is passed and as it passes from one person to another it changes and becomes something entirely different from the facts. These falsehoods block potential business owners and franchisees from their dreams. Do not fall into the trap of believing these myths about franchising.

Myth 1: I will need to have experience in the business before buying a franchise.

Not true. The majority of franchises do not require you to have experience in the industry you are considering. There are specific skill sets that work when running a business consistent with all categories of business. The methods franchises have in place are designed to help you be successful without direct experience in the industry. Franchisors desire someone who can manage others and support their proven systems. Take a look at your transferable skills and hire people to fill in the skills you lack.

Often, people appeal to the myth that they do not have the experience necessary as a reason to stay in their comfort zone. Moving out of your comfort zone is a chance to learn and grow and through buying a franchise your discomfort can be lessened. (Benedik, Franchising Without Fear)

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