Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.-John D. Rockefeller

How do you know if a franchise business is a good one or a great one?

Great franchise opportunities have these 10 characteristics

  1. Executives and a management team that are experienced in franchising.
  2. Happy franchisees
  3. Systems that are replicable and easy to follow
  4. Mentors or a support system that help boost your start-up so you ramp up quickly.
  5. A product or service that has proven sales.
  6. Technology systems that are up-to-date
  7. Marketing and customer acquisition processes that work
  8. Selective in whom they award franchises
  9. Can explain the target market and how demographics plays into the territories and how it will affect your business
  10. Assists with real estate location and leasing

While there are many other factors that go into choosing great franchise opportunities; the above 10 characteristics are part of what separates the good from the great franchises.

When choosing a franchise, make sure it is a great one.

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