The virus is forcing change on all of us. Don’t let fear of change stop you.

“Fear can be a friend or a foe. Because we do not like change, we become accustomed to the same routines and find changes unnerving. Our routines become comfortable. The fear of change can keep us stuck in the same day-to-day habits. The security of routines in our lives prevents us from moving forward and taking steps to make a change. When we work in a traditional job where we have a steady paycheck, health benefits, and paid vacation we become comfortable with the security a job provides. Giving up this security is not easy. When you open a business, there are no guarantees and you are giving up this safety. Arming yourself with knowledge and preparation are key to dissipating the fear of change.”

Excerpt from Franchising Without Fear, Trish Benedik

This paragraph from my book reminds me of what we are going through today. There are no guarantees even when you hold a steady job. Ask me, I was laid off several times throughout my career. When you have a setback, take time to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Learn something new. We live in a time when knowledge is at our fingertips and there are thousands of educational options to feed your mind. I’ve noticed several FREE or deep discounts on learning options. Business owners are generous and want to help. Here is an example: Kary Oberbrunner’s Online Conference for FREE!

Take time now to breathe, exercise, and learn something new. Your mind will thank you for it.