Inside the Book–Franchising Without Fear

A brief summary by the author

Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business contains several sections that address different aspects of buying a business or franchise.

  1. We start with “WHY”. The first section begins with addressing your current life situation in which something is not right in your career.
  2. Then I walk you through confronting your roadblocks and fears about owning a business. How do you confront the fear and move forward?
  3. In step three, I describe what franchising is, choosing a business model, and categories of franchised businesses.
  4. Step four contains your blueprint for selecting a franchise. This is the most significant step in the book.
  5. Since selecting a business or franchise is a life-changing decision, Step five includes essential decision-making tools to help you make informed decisions.
  6. The last section provides you with tips to assist you in getting your business off the ground.

If you have the desire to own your own business, then you need to do it. There is no time like the present to pursue your dreams! Get your copy now to get started.

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