Is comfort stopping you from buying a franchise

“Comfort can be dangerous. Comfort provides a floor but also a ceiling.”— Trevor Noah

I remember when I started my first business. As a young mother, an opportunity presented itself. I was torn between being a stay at home mom or opening the business I had been dreaming about for years. I was comfortable in my role, but felt I needed to take this chance at this time. With my husbands’ reluctance and my families support, I got out of my comfort zone and took the plunge. It was amazing!

My business was a retail store and I was the sole-proprietor who did everything. I created product, ordered product, sold inventory, created advertising, did the bookkeeping, and I can go on and on. What an education. Three years my store was open. I consider it as much education as a bachelor’s degree. No, I did not get rich, but I learned, met many new people, and have the satisfaction that I did it. This was many, many years ago when there was no internet, no digital advertising, no cell phones. The store was open three years. I have no regrets for stepping out of my comfort zone.

Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone

In my book “Franchising Without Fear”, I write a great deal about pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Why, because as Trevor Noah says, “comfort provides a floor but also a ceiling”. If you want to own a business, you will need to step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. It’s not easy, but can be done if you want it badly enough. If you want to reach new heights in your income potential, your lifestyle, and have more control over what happens to you– I encourage you to consider franchises. It won’t take three years to get started and you won’t be starting from scratch as I did.

Following is an excerpt from my book Franchising Without Fear

Fear can be a friend or a foe. Because we do not like change, we become accustomed to the same routines and find changes unnerving. Our routines become comfortable. The fear of change can keep us stuck in the same day-to-day habits. The security of routines in our lives prevents us from moving forward and taking steps to make a change. When we work in a traditional job where we have a steady paycheck, health benefits, and paid vacation we become comfortable with the security a job provides. Giving up this security is not easy. When you open a business, there are no guarantees and you are giving up this safety. Arming yourself with knowledge and preparation are key to dissipating the fear of change.

Change and fear

Whenever you tackle something new, there is fear involved. When we are comfortable with our lives, we sometimes get stuck and don’t make progress toward our pursuits… It is the fear of the unknown that paralyzes us, so the best preparation is to explore the unknown.

Knowledge will help you step out of your comfort zone

Thousands of successful people stepped out of their comfort zone and purchased a franchise through the proven process we provide. The knowledge you will gain will empower you to make the right choice.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and contact me for more information on how you can own a franchise that fits your lifestyle goals.


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