By:  Trish Benedik


In one of my recent blogs, I discussed benefits of franchises that are focused on a single product or service.  In this blog, I would like to expand on this category of very successful Keep it Simple franchises.

Home and commercial services – when you think about the number of homes and businesses and the type of services they require on a regular basis, there is usually a franchise or independent business taking care of these needs.  Many independent businesses are difficult to schedule and unreliable.  Franchisors realize this and create model where these obstacles are addressed.


Consider your home – homes need painting, plumbing, remodeling, maintenance, cleaning, lawn care, landscaping, and much more. There are excellent franchise opportunities in each of the above mentioned categories.  For example, franchises that focus on painting – a painting franchise is a perfect opportunity for a manager to focus on running and building the business (not the actual painting) and many franchisees do very well in this realm.  After all, if you are having your home painted would you rather hire a brand name painting professional or someone you find using a web-based search?


Everyone needs cleaning and that is why many cleaning franchises abound – there are cleaning franchises that focus on residential or commercial cleaning or both.  There are cleaning franchises that only use green products.  There are cleaning franchises that are master franchises selling franchises to others and obtaining cleaning contracts for their franchisees.  There are specialty cleaning franchises that focus on hotels; power washing; window cleaning; or water clean-up.  One of the most successful franchise categories is the restoration franchises that clean up after fires and other catastrophic damage through their work with insurance companies.


The benefits of a franchise versus an individual cleaning or painting company include:  national and local advertising and marketing materials along with support every step of the way.  Systems to follow that are tried and tested.  Help with the crucial start-up phase – the franchisor will get you up and running much faster than you can do on your own.  Many of these service franchises offer a call center where they schedule your appointments in addition to Human Resources, Bookkeeping, and other back-office support so the owner can focus on building the business.


There are numerous franchises to choose from, a service that focuses on a single product or service has many benefits – keeps it simple and offers great potential for success.  Select Franchise Consulting can help you choose one that is right for you.