9 Benefits of “Keep It Simple” Franchises

Avoid the “Jack-of-All Trades, Master of None” label – consider a franchise that focuses on only one product or service.

As a franchise consultant I spend a great deal of time learning about different franchises and one area that I find fascinating are what I call the “KIS or Keep it Simple” franchises.

Imagine a business where you focus on only one or two different areas of service or product, thereby, avoiding the “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” label.  KIS franchises vary in type of service or product with the majority being service businesses that focus on one or two areas of service to homes or businesses.

A few Benefits of this type of franchise:

Get out of the office – For those who want to get out of the office, there are many opportunities to get out of the office for networking, estimating, talking with customers, and doing the work.

  1. Work outdoors – If you want to work in the outdoors, there are many franchises that focus on outdoor work, whether you want to supervise the crews or if you want to be a sole owner/operator doing the work yourself.
  2. Work from home – Many are home based, mobile, or small office saving the high cost of retail leasing space.
  3. Focus on one product or service – become an expert in the field.
  4. Faster start-up – since your focus is on one product or service.
  5. Save on Marketing and advertising costs – Marketing can focus on segments of the population that need the particular product or service.
  6. Brand credibility – very important for service businesses since many of these franchises are working in customer’s homes, brand credibility gives homeowners peace of mind.
  7. Low inventory costs – by focusing on one product or service, your inventory costs are lower than traditional retail businesses.
  8. Build a business – many of the businesses are geared to start small and scale as the business grows.

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