Searching for the perfect headphones

Avid Audible Book Listener

I’m an avid audible listener. Since 2014, I have downloaded 314 books. I even earned the “master listener badge”. Not sure what a “master listener” is, but I guess I qualify. On average, I listen 30 hours a month. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting around listening on my headphones, I’m driving, walking my dog, cleaning, or multi-tasking while listening to a great variety of books. Historical fiction and business books are favorite genres.

Favorite books this year are Justin Donald’s The Lifestyle Investor and Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights

If you want to try listening to audible books, Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights is a great first listen. Matthew narrates it himself which makes it truly enjoyable. His humor and insights are interesting, captivating and unforgettable. He has lived an extraordinary life. I highly recommend his book. Audible offers free trials for audio books and they are now offering links to podcasts.

I’m really enjoying Justin Donald’s Lifestyle Investing podcast. Justin recently published a book titled The Lifestyle Investor. Justin’s insight and experience in investing for a lifestyle that gives you flexibility and freedom is tremendous. If you are interested in investing and improving your bottom line, I encourage you to listen to Justin’s podcast and read his book The Lifestyle Investor.

Searching for the perfect headphones

Being an avid listener, I’ve tried various headphones and earbuds to enhance my listening, especially while walking, taking a call, and multi-tasking. If you’re in the market for headphones, I can only provide my personal review. Since I’m not a techie, I need technology that is user friendly, easy to set up and works correctly. Noise cancelling is a must since I work from home.

Plantronics Voyageur

Last summer my older Plantronics Voyageur was wearing out. I really liked the Voyageur when I first received it more than two years prior. The sound was good, it connected well with my iphone and my car, and stayed in my ear perfectly. However, it is designed for one ear and I wanted to switch to noise cancelling earphones and I wanted a good pair of headphones for video and audio sessions at the computer.Especially since COVID-19 forced us to network through video calls. Therefore, I went on a search for great noise blocking headphones and a new set of earbuds.

Bose sets the stage

I had recently purchased a used Bose Wave CD Player and loved the sound, which led me to look into Bose headphones and Bose Sportpods. I read many reviews and debated on which headphones to get, and ended up with the 700 model because they were the latest design with the most features, they also had stellar reviews. When I put them on my ears and they played music, I was instantly captivated by the beautiful clear sound and noise cancelling abilities. I can immerse myself in music, listen, to a book, talk on the phone, and participate on a video call with these headphones without outside distractions. They are comfortable on my ears and the band that goes over the top of my head is padded for extra comfort.

Unfortunately, I did have some breaking in the sound with the first pair of Bose and was very upset about it, since these are pricey headphones at more than $359. Fortunately, I contacted Bose and they have a great warranty and they sent me a new pair and issued a return label for the defective ones. The replacement was quick and easy and they work perfectly. I am very happy with these headphones. They charge quickly and last about 16 hours on one charge which is extra long.

On the other hand, I needed a pair of earbuds for walking and doing light work – the headphones do get warm after awhile. I purchased a pair of the Bose Sportpods because they are “sweatproof for workouts and sports”. These were nice, but I could not keep them in my ear and they are quite large compared to other options. I returned them and asked for a refund. I’m sure there are people who love them, but they just weren’t right for me.

Apple Airpods

Being an Apple iphone user, I turned to the Airpods and purchased the AirPods Pro. I love them. They connect instantly to my iphone, my computers and the handsfree link in my car. Taking calls is a breeze and the sound quality is great. My only complaint would be the battery life at 6 hours is not as long as I would like and not as long as the Plantronics Voyager–I see the new Voyageur is at 16 hours battery life!

Beware of the dog

There are lots of other products that are not nearly as expensive as Bose or Apple, but, for me they are worth the cost. Fortunately, you can shop around and read reviews before purchasing. If you decide to get the AirPods or any other small earbuds, be careful where you lay them. One time, I caught my dog running around with one in his mouth! He kindly gave it back unharmed (whew!). Keep your case handy for storing and enjoy the music.


Trish Benedik is an author, franchise/business consultant, and small business advocate. She enjoys walking her dogs, swimming, vintage markets, and camping. In the past, Trish owned and competed on several horses, lived on a 40 acre farm, and taught business courses. She finds inspiration from her family, quotes from famous business people, and small business owners everywhere. Trish wrote the book “Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business”.

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