Starting a business is like getting married – it’s a lot of work and you take a risk. No one thinks they are going to fail when they start out – everyone has visions of happiness and money in the bank. Yet soon the honeymoon is over. The real work begins and reality sets in.


Successful businesses are successful for many reasons; one of the most important success factors is the start-up phase. The acquisition of new and lasting customers takes skills, diligence, perseverance, and work. Testing marketing and advertising takes time and capital – something young businesses don’t have in abundance. Hiring and training employees can test the temperament of any new business owner. In addition, finding the right location is important for long-term success. When you are the owner of a start-up, you are alone at the top. Who are you going to call if you aren’t sure where to turn?


Many of these difficulties with a start-up business can be eliminated through the purchase of a franchised business. A franchise usually has a faster start-up since they have already worked through those early months many times before and they will assist you through the process. In addition, the marketing has already been tested – so you can utilize the expertise and marketing tools to your advantage. Many franchisors will assist with employee hiring and training, or give you materials to help you find the best applicants. If your new franchise requires you to lease space, most franchisors have guidelines in place and will assist in finding the ideal location. If you are not sure what to do about an issue, you can call the franchisor and ask them. The franchisor has been through the process many times over and they provide ongoing support.


There are thousands of franchises to choose from and they each have different processes and systems. Each franchise provides various benefits, training and support. Therefore, the potential franchise owner needs to conduct a thorough investigation of any franchise opportunity before purchasing.


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