Franchising without fear

Your DIY Decision-making Tool Box

When buying a franchise there are so many factors that go into your decision. It is wise to make a fact based choice rather than an emotional decision. That’s why, I added a section in my book Franchising Without Fear titled, “Your DIY Decision-making Tool Box”. This tool box includes researched data, graphs,  decision-making styles, and charts you can use to weigh your decisions.

Feeling confident in your decision goes a long way to setting yourself up for success. By using decision-making tools, your intuition, and the guidance of a franchise consultant, your journey will be less stressful. In addition, understanding how you make decisions can help you define your strengths and weaknesses. Allowing you to make choices that align with your goals. Listing your preferences and options on paper helps you make fact based, timely decisions.

Everyone has their own ways they prefer to work. Knowing your preferences will help you in your relationships with other people and in making good choices. An understanding of how others make decisions can help you have more knowledge of their process and thus to collaborate better.

In my book, I go into details about the different styles of decision-making, how to build your decision-making skills, 7 steps of decision-making process and many more. Get your copy today.

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.  ~Tony Robbins

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