Are you thinking outside of the box?
Thinking outside of the box

Do you enjoy thinking creatively and coming up with ways to reinvent something that has passed it’s useful life? I do.

For example, I was visiting relatives and they had a wooden headboard they no longer wanted. What did I see? Posts that could be repurposed into lamps or candlesticks; a back board that would make an attractive painted or stained sign or a weathered table top. I even imagined a small table or two using the posts cut into table legs.

So many possibilities and so little time. When I saw the photo above, I couldn’t resist copying it, what a clever idea if you have a lot of cardboard tubing handy. I can envision a lot of options there too.

This is the entrepreneurial life, seeing possibilities everywhere. Wanting to use the resources we have available to create products people use. What possibilities do you see? Do you think out of the box?