Believe it or Not – Now is the Perfect Time to Open a Franchise

Three reasons to start your business NOW!

Are you torn about whether to start a business or open a franchise? Have you been thinking about this for a long time, but just haven’t been able to move forward? The truth is that delaying your decision until the “perfect time” comes with an opportunity cost, which is the cost of staying where you are vs. controlling your destiny.

People who dream of starting a business are typically frustrated with where they are professionally. Although they have big dreams, they come up with reasons to procrastinate and as a result, they never have the chance to find the fulfillment they are seeking. No one can tell you when the “perfect time” will arrive to start a business. If you are dreaming of owning a business, you will need to muster the motivation yourself. This is the only way your dreams will ever come true.

Why Move Forward Now? 

1. The longer you put off finding your dream business, the more miserable you will be.

Keep procrastinating on starting a business or franchise and who knows how long it will be before you take the first steps and start reaping the rewards? People often delay a decision because they’re convinced that one day, they’ll be fully prepared. The truth is that an artist will never finish a painting and an author will never finish a book unless they push themselves to do what must be done. Most people do not open a franchise because they put off their decision and regret it later on.

There is no better time than now for you to do everything you can to fulfill your dreams, which means exploring every opportunity. And there are many great franchising opportunities worth considering. Don’t let procrastination turn into regret.

2. There are more Free tools to help you in your business endeavor than ever before.

Years ago when I started a retail business, I had to handwrite everything or use a clunky typewriter. The landline phone was essential and if I needed to order something, I used the phone or wrote out a purchase order by hand. Shipping was expensive and it took several weeks to receive inventory. I had to drive two hours to the gift show once or twice a year and close my shop on those days so I could attend. In addition, advertising was either in the newspaper or by leaflets printed and added to the weekly “bag”. This made it impossible to target my audience.

With the growth of the internet and other digital and technological tools; there are more tools to help you start a business or open a franchise than ever before. Take advantage of what you have at hand. It’s so much easier to target your market. There are several forms of advertising from which to choose. In addition, you have the convenience of spreadsheets, quickbooks, and a computer you carry in your pocket. Orders are delivered in a flash and your choices are limitless. Take advantage of meet-up groups, networking platforms, and your local business and civic organizations. These people love to talk business and enjoy helping others get started. Thousands of podcasts exist from some of the top business professionals in the country– listen and learn.

Do your research, so you can find out what it takes to run a business. Reach out to experts in franchising, so you have the advice you need.

Contact the Small Business Administration to access the information and the services they offer to those thinking about starting a business. These services are free, and you can reach them online at

Fear commonly prevents people from moving forward with a decision. Don’t let yourself fall victim to fear, which basically comes from not knowing for sure what will happen.

The most effective way to overcome fear is to make a plan, listen and learn and GO FOR IT!

3. There are thousands of possibilities in franchising

Just like there are many technological tools to help your business, there are thousands of possibilities in franchising. You will be surprised to learn about how successful you can be. The variety of industries and type of business is fascinating. These businesses were started with the goal of helping people like you to achieve your business ownership dreams. They will train you, support you, and share their systems and processes.

Think about how rewarding it will be to own a business. Wouldn’t you love to finally be in control of your destiny? Imagine how you would feel being your own boss, gaining the flexibility you need in life and the rewards of building equity in your future.

I can’t tell you how often clients have said to me, “I’m willing to work hard, but I want to succeed for myself, not my employer.” If you have these thoughts and your dream is to own a business, there is no reason to put it off. As long as, you have the determination to succeed and are not afraid to work hard, it’s time to start preparing for the next stage of your life. And franchising is a great option.


We only regret the chances we don't take

Opportunity cost is the loss of any potential rewards from other options when one option is chosen over all others. This also means the loss of potential rewards when you procrastinate and make no decision. Don’t let this be you.

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