Top 10 reasons to buy a food franchise

Restaurants are increasing capacities and with a pent-up demand for eating out, now is an ideal time to explore food franchises. Real estate options have opened up and there are new exciting healthy fast-casual dining options.

Check out my top 10 reasons to buy a food franchise

  1. Multiple food options including:
    • Healthy bowls and salads
    • Burgers, fries, and shakes
    • Smoothies, Juice bars, and coffees
    • Breweries and wineries
    • Breakfast specialties, Toast, Waffles, Cereals, and more
    • Desserts including cookies, yogurt, ice cream
    • Kiosks offering Pretzels or Cinnamon Rolls
    • Ethnic options: Greek, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian
    • Pizza, Subs, Wings
  2. Scalable business models – add locations as you grow
  3. Small real estate footprints available – kiosk, cart, or 1000 sq. ft. – lots of options
  4. Wide investment ranges 
  5. Semi-absentee and Passive options on some models. 
  6. Variety of models including: simple with no kitchen and no cooking to complex large footprint restaurant.
  7. Popular healthy food options
  8. Drive-thrus, Dine-in or Carry-out options
  9. Latest technologies – a franchise has access to the latest technologies to help you in your business.
  10. Assistance with real estate selection and ongoing support of a franchise.
  11. BONUS: Build a community of loyal customers

Owning a food business is not for everyone

  1. Long ramp-up times of 6-18 months
  2. Investment levels higher than other concepts
  3. Some franchises require restaurant experience
  4. Complex operations dealing with lots of employees and perishable inventories

While food or restaurants are a good choice for someone interested in this type of business; there is always the aspect of risk in any business. Choosing a food franchise has many benefits compared to starting on your own. I invite you to explore your options. Learn as much as you can before diving in to a business that is not the right fit for you.

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