Top 10 reasons to own this home improvement franchise

Own a franchise with strong demand and high customer retention rates

Here are my top 10 reasons to consider this home improvement franchise:

  1. The most trusted brand in home improvement.
  2. Strong demand–every home needs home maintenance and services.
  3. Recession resistant.
  4. Ability to scale quickly.
  5. Consistent year-round work.
  6. Low startup costs.
  7. Low overhead.
  8. Provide high quality services.
  9. High customer recurring business and retention rates.
  10. Excellent potential income.
  11. BONUS: Strong referral rates from brand partnerships.

A home improvement franchise is not for everyone

  1. Hiring reliable workers can be a challenge.
  2. Strong business development and sales skills are a plus.
  3. If you don’t like working with homeowners, it might not be for you.

Looking for a great franchise opportunity?

Looking for a great franchise opportunity? Do you value serving homeowners and providing quality work?  Partner with this trusted home improvement franchise and pave your way to success. Furthermore, to help you realize your dreams, the franchisor offers training, marketing, and on-going support.  Let’s get in touch and start you on the road to financial and personal freedom.

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