Top 12 Reasons to Consider this Fabulous Franchise

Consider this fabulous award winning franchise. While everyone has different views of the best franchise.  This franchise might be for you if you are looking for a business that is a market leader in a niche market, environmentally friendly, and has proven systems with more than 300 franchisees. 

You can capitalize on this much needed service and conserve our environment with this business.

Let me tell you a true story. A few months ago, my friends and I visited an upscale restaurant for a celebration. The hostess seated us in a booth and when I sat down the leather/vinyl was torn and very uncomfortable. I asked to be moved to another booth which we were. However, it puts a stain on my thoughts about this restaurant. If the seats are neglected what about the food? I have noticed torn seats before in other restaurants some with duct tape added to cover up the tear (talk about tacky), but I did not expect it in this pricey venue.

In another scenario, I purchased several chairs that were made of “leather” but in a few short years, they were peeling, (found out they are “pleather”) and I had to replace them with other chairs. Had I known there was a service for repairing vinyl and leather so it looks like new, I would have recommended this franchise to the restaurant, and had my chairs renewed rather than replaced.

Perhaps you know someone who has a beautiful leather sofa that is looking old and tired. Visualize all the sofas, seats, vehicles, boats, and even airplanes that could use a spruce up to look fabulous again. The commercial applications alone are huge.

Here are my Top 12 reasons to Consider this fabulous franchise:

As you look at this list, how do these features align with your goals for a business?

  1. Low investment
  2. Positive work/life balance/Flexibility
  3. Few or no employees, yet scalable
  4. Home-based, mobile service, low overhead
  5. Flat-rate royalty system
  6. Huge demand – the products serviced are everywhere
  7. Diversified business with numerous potential revenue streams
  8. Company has been in business for decades – recession resistant
  9. Proprietary product line with On-going research and development
  10. Strong training, support, operations, and marketing systems.
  11. Custom business tools and software to streamline your work.
  12. Caters to commercial and residential customers


Franchise Fee:  $47,000; Liquid capital of $25,000 and Minimum net worth of $100,000

It’s not for everyone – ideal franchisees:

  • Enjoy working with their hands
  • Are not afraid to network and promote themselves
  • Are coachable and trainable
  • Have a minimum net worth of $100,000

If you are looking for a business that is low investment, with flexible hours, and a wonderful track record, contact Trish to find out more. Don’t wait. This is a fabulous opportunity to own a business that has high demand and a huge market.

What are you waiting for?

Keep following my Blog for more insights into fantastic franchise options.  Remember owning a business is about matching your skills with the business that meets your personal and professional goals. My 6-step process will match you with franchises and introduce you to opportunities that align with your objectives.

Trish Benedik owner of Select Franchise Consulting will help narrow your options and find the franchise that is the right fit for you saving you time and frustration. Our consultation will help you make an informed decision. There are thousands of options in franchising, find the one that is a good fit for your business and lifestyle goals.