Top franchises in home improvement are surging

Here’s why the top franchises in home improvement are growing. During the pandemic, I realized the walls of my home had not been painted since we moved in years ago. Now I have several walls of a nice blue – a welcome change from the creamy yellow chosen years ago. This spring and summer there were multiple work vehicles on my street everyday. My neighbors added new porches, had gazebos installed, and other home improvements.

Construction was deemed an essential business during Covid-19

Since construction was deemed an essential business during Covid-19, home projects were still able to be completed. People are spending more time outside and inside their residences. Being home reminds people of changes they want to make and they spent their time sprucing up their outdoor and indoor spaces. The lines at Home Depot and Lowe’s were out the door with people looking for supplies for their projects. During the pandemic, improving, repairing, and updating homes never stopped and even increased compared to 2019.

Home Improvement market has grown exponentially

The home improvement market has surged in recent months and will continue into the future. If you are ready for a career change, why not consider business ownership? This is the perfect time to own a home services business. You can be in business for yourself, not by yourself in a growing industry.

Low overhead, Low Start-up costs, Support from the Franchise

What factors are important to your lifestyle? Following are just a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you dream of a scalable business
  • Looking for low overhead and low start up costs
  • Are flexible hours important to you?
  • Do you thrive under support from a proven system
  • Would you prefer to be a semi-absentee owner and hire a manager
  • Are you looking to grow a family business or build equity for when you retire?

If so, there are hundreds of home and commercial franchises looking for qualified owners to grow their brand. They offer varying degrees of support, features, systems, and options. As a franchise consultant, I can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can find an option that fits your goals.

The impact of home improvement businesses

Many people do not realize the impact of home repair, remodeling, and construction businesses. From the independently owned, owner operated business to the larger commercial construction businesses that employ hundreds or even thousands, our country is built on the constant flow of building and improving our spaces.You would be surprised at how many of these businesses are in the franchise space.

When you see a van driving down the street, you may think of the driver as an owner operator, but, they possibly are part of a much larger franchise organization. The franchise provides value from the start-up phase, customer acquisition, marketing, training, and systems, along with a brand name that people recognize. The franchisee is the driving force of the business with the support of a franchise so they are not completely alone in their endeavors. The driver you see is possibly an employee of the franchisee and the franchisee may be very actively involved in the business or may have hired a manager and act in a semi-absentee capacity.

More than 200 different franchises in the home improvement space.

As a franchise consultant, I count more than 200 franchises in the home remodeling, real estate, home repair, commercial maintenance, and restoration industries! I can help you find one that is a good match for your goals and interests without all the confusion that ensues when trying to choose from several good options. Check out my website at: Select Franchise Consulting or Trish

To your success!