Top Secret Franchise Options

Periodically, my blog will feature top secret franchise options. They are a secret because so many aspiring business owners are not aware of the incredible opportunities that exist. Lucky for you, you can read the benefits of this lucrative industry below. The industry is disaster restoration. 

When a family has a home disaster such as a fire or water damage, a restoration company is one of the first contacts. Typically, the bill is paid by insurance, taking the burden off of home and business owners,

Check out these benefits:

  • A virtually recession-proof industry. When bad things happen, it has to be fixed and now!
  • A mature model that offers consistent growth This company offers the most services in the industry (and growing).
  • Diversified market approach allows franchisees to build a steady, and reliable revenue stream with low (or no) seasonality.
  • Offers large territories.
  • Build your local business while helping your community recover following a disaster.
  • A committed support team with decades of experience in the industry – here to help you grow!

It’s not for everyone

  • Since demand is high, several areas and territories are sold out.
  • Total investments range from $100,000-$500,000.
  • A sales background is helpful but not required.
  • It may not be for you If you don’t enjoy working with people.
  • Requires full-time commitment and 24 hour availability.


If you are looking for a business where you can aid people in crisis, provide a much needed product and service, and grow a large business, contact Trish. Set up a discovery call here.

Keep following my Blog for more insights into fantastic franchise options.  Remember owning a business is about matching your skills with the business that has potential to meet your goals. My 6-step process will match you with franchises and introduce you to opportunities that align with your objectives.

Trish Benedik is the owner of Select Franchise Consulting.  Her proven process will help narrow your options and find the franchise that is the right fit for you. Our consultation will help you make an informed decision. There are thousands of options in franchising, find the one that is a good fit for your business and lifestyle goals.