Transform your mindset

“One reason people resist change is they focus on what they have to give up rather than what they have to gain.” Liz Josefsberg

Think positive thoughts about the possibilities

When you are making a change such as starting a business, make a conscious effort to think positive thoughts about the possibilities.

First of all, you need to realize that fear is a regular part of the process. Everyone has fear and doubts when starting something new. We fear life changes such as buying a business, getting married, or having children. We experience fear when we start a new job, go for a job interview, attend a networking event, or go to a new school. There is fear as you drive to the big game, and there is despair when you get out of the car and see the stadium. When buying a home, there is fear of the financial commitment and worry about moving to a new location. It’s part of our makeup to fear new events. Whether we admit it or not, changes bring fear of the unknown. But if we all caved into our doubt, there would be no progress!

Make a conscious effort to think about your future

Remember, you are not alone. Everyone who has ever bought a franchise or started a business had reservations about their decision. Accept your fear, then make a conscious decision to change your mindset about it. “Switch from thinking about failures to thinking about discrepancies between what you hope to achieve and what you might achieve,” says Tsaousides. “Discrepancies provide you with information that you can study, explain, and learn from so you can recalibrate your future efforts.”[i]

We commonly find discrepancies between what we have read and what we already believe or actually experience. People love to find these kinds of little inconsistencies and use them as excuses not to move forward. The excuses become like sharp stones on bare feet, slowing you down. Friends and acquaintances often bring up reasons not to buy a franchise or business. Don’t let their excuses or rocks become yours.*

Transform your mindset and make a conscious effort to focus on the possibilities!

[i] (Tsaousides, How to Conquer Fear of Failure 2018)

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Excerpt from Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business by Trish Benedik

Franchising Without Fear