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I am an author, franchise consultant and small business coach who helps individuals desiring to run or own a business or franchise. Utilizing my 6-Step Franchise F.I.T.© Process of achieving business success and franchise freedom, making their dreams a reality.

The truth is you do not need to be a millionaire to own a franchise and there are thousands of options besides restaurants.  ~ Trish Benedik


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Our 6 step process will guide you from the beginning of your search until you open your franchise. We will help you choose one that is right for your market and goals.

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What people are saying about Trish and Franchising Without Fear

Franchising without Fear is a necessary guidebook for making an educated decision on buying a business and choosing a franchise. Fear often gets in the way of making the final decision of starting a business or buying a franchise. This book explains how to deal with the fear by taking a methodical approach to this life-changing decision through knowledge and preparation.

Kary Oberbrunner, author of Day Job to Dream Job and Elixir Project



I helped Trish with her book, “Franchising Without Fear,” and I learned a ton about making decisions as a small business owner (or aspiring one). The great thing about this book, though, is that not only does Trish help you understand what it means to run a franchise and how to go about researching and choosing one, she also helps you address the real emotional barriers that keep you in the job you currently hate. If you’ve ever thought, “I could run a shop like this, but I’m not sure I could build a business from scratch,” you should check out her book! It offers a low-risk and informative way of exploring a potential new career.

Brad Fruhoff, Pen to Pint, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter

Trish Benedik goes right to the heart of why we hesitate to do things that we want to do – FEAR! She capably walks the reader through a methodical approach to this very important decision. Her coaching heart shines through and this work is applicable past franchising to all people wanting to overcome fear in order to move forward with any decision. Great read!

Sally Livingston