Franchising Without Fear

Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business

introducing “Franchising Without Fear,” the must-have book for anyone considering buying a franchise. Discover the secrets, advantages, and nuances of franchising in this comprehensive guide. Written by experienced author Trish Benedik, this book will empower you to take control of your career and realize your dreams. Learn the six steps to successfully buying your own business and unlock a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer – get the paperback signed copy for FREE, just pay $5.97 for shipping. Visit now and embark on your fearless franchising journey.

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Franchising Without Fear

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer – get the paperback signed copy for FREE, just pay $5.97 for shipping. 

Reviews & Awards

Good Information.

I have always wanted to know the details about franchising. This book gave me the answer to my questions. just like any other step you want to take in life, you need to know ‘why’ and also weigh your strength. Enough information is shared in the book. – Ola

Benedik is a good coach: experienced, caring, & able to communicate with readers at varying levels.

To be honest, I was interested in this book not because I was interested in buying a franchise, but because I wanted to be a better small business entrepreneur after my retirement from teaching. But I had minimal business background and, at first, was concerned that this book would be way over my head. I was pleasantly surprised. Benedik’s voice is one of a coach wanting her protogee to succeed. Her book is well written and well laid out. The information presented builds upon the foundation set at the beginning. My favorite part is the thought provoking collection of quotes from famous people that she generously sprinkles throughout her book. ~ Janet

Great resource for future franchise owners.

Buying a Franchise can be a daunting endeavor. This book helps outline how to evaluate what franchise opportunity may be right for you. It sets out a step-by-step process to follow to give you confidence in making a decision and to follow your dream of owning your own business. – Andy

A Very Concise and Practical Approach To Franchising.

It would be prudent for any one looking to franchise their business to read this book. The author’s experience in business is apparent as she walks the reader through the differences from single businesses to the franchise option. She explains that planning and preparation are the key to success, including consulting an attorney that specializes in this type of business. She describes the requirements for being the type of person to engage in this business The book also explains the factors that make franchising successful: having a product that has a trademark that can be registered is one of the first steps. Also, ascertaining the capital needs must be considered.Before setting up a franchise the business must have proven success and must have systems and procedures that can be replicated.

About The Book

What if buying your own business was as easy as following a blueprint?

Are you one of the 86% of the population dissatisfied with your current career? If so, you are not alone. The majority of people are tired of corporate life, fixed schedules and little control over their future. Do you feel your talents and skills are being used to build someone else’s dream business? Author Trish Benedik understands how you feel. At one point in her life she felt used up, exhausted, and powerless. Over the past years she has consulted with hundreds of people looking for a business and helped guide them in their journey.

The truth is you don’t need to be a millionaire to own a franchise and there are thousands of options besides restaurants. By arming yourself with knowledge, preparation and determination you can realize your dreams.

Discover the six steps to successfully buying your own business starting today.


Franchising Without Fear
Franchising Without Fear

What’s inside


Step One



Step Two

Confront your Fear


Step Three

Why Franchising?


Step Four

Your Blueprint for Selecting a Franchise


Step Five

Your DIY Decision-Making Toolbox


Step Six

Realities of Running a Business



Are You a Corporate Refugee?

If you are dissatisfied with your job, you are not alone. According to a Gallop poll released in 2017, eighty-five percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs. (Tracy 2001-2018)

Have you been downsized, laid off, let go, and made obsolete? Are you underemployed, without a clear path to move up in your company? Perhaps you are just tired of the same grind day in and day out. Do you feel yourself grinding to a halt?

Corporate refugees are those who were forced out of a “real job” or got fed up and quit. Some individuals wish someone would fire them because they don’t have the courage to quit. Talk to a corporate refugee long enough, though, and you’ll find they think of themselves more like escapees — and they love their new-found freedom.

In my work with individuals looking to buy a franchise, I have talked to many people in the above circumstances. Their frustration is apparent from our first conversation.


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In this book author, consultant and educator Trish Benedik explains

  • The #1 reason people do not open a franchise and how to overcome it.
  • Bulletproof strategies for choosing the right franchise.
  • Warning signs to look for in a franchise.
  • Characteristics of a successful franchise.
  • The realities of running a business.
  • And much more

About the author.

Trish Benedik

Trish Benedik connects people with franchises and businesses that fit their business and personal goals. An author, consultant, and educator, Trish is a franchise consultant. She lives near Columbus, Ohio with her husband and her Standard Poodle Rusty.

Trish Benedik