Smart phone photoThere are apps for almost everything. Apps for locating a nearby restaurant, planning a vacation, gathering the latest news, games, weather updates, coupons and savings, the list goes on and on. Following are four apps that you may want to check out.

Scheduling Apps

One app that I use regularly is my calendar-scheduling app. It is great for scheduling appointments and it syncs with my Google calendar. The app sends me reminders for events and tasks that I have scheduled. One of the most important benefits is the ability for others to schedule calls or meetings with me – avoiding the often-endless phone tag or emails to schedule a mutually convenient time for a call.  There are a few different options for calendar scheduling, but I have found the calendly option to work for me. You may want to check it out if you’re looking for a scheduling option. Their website is: Calendly

Business Card Scanner App

I have an endless pile of business cards that I picked up at various networking events over the years. At one point I imagined myself taking 10 cards at a time and manually entering them in to my CRM. Then I found out about the availability of business card scanners. Since I use Zoho for my CRM anyway, I downloaded their business card scanner and it is like magic! I can take a photo of both sides of the card and the information is downloaded. It’s great and such a time saver. The only caveat I have run in to is the information doesn’t always scan in the correct fields, but it is well worth making a few changes when I do not have to key in the information. Website: Zoho Card Scanner

Legal Questions App

Recently, a new app has become available that I find interesting and useful. If you have a legal question but aren’t sure you need an attorney just yet, you can download the app for free:

Ask Legal Shield

Legal Shield offers legal and identify theft plans for individuals, families and small businesses.

Audible books App

This app is downloadable and part of Easily download Audible books and listen to them from your phone, ipad, or computer. Listen in the car, on the beach, or in your office. They offer thousands of books from fiction to non-fiction and everything in between including great courses and business books. In addition, there are several newspapers and periodicals offering brief listens – great for your morning commute. There is a fee for each book through membership. Website: Audible Books


What apps do you find useful? Share your thoughts.




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