Start-up Versus Resale Franchise


So you’re interested in a resale franchise?

I also think it might be worth your while to consider a start-up.

Following is an example:

Let’s say the resale investment is $500,000 -depending upon the franchise and other factors of course.

Versus –  $100,000-150,000 all in to get started with a new venture of the same franchise.

You have an extra $350,000-400,000 to use hiring sales people or on marketing and advertising. That capital can be used to ramp up quickly. 

Benefits to you:

You would then have the satisfaction of knowing you started the business. It may take a little longer but most people think it is worth the efforts.

Keep in mind that the franchisors make the start-up so much easier than if you do it on your own because they have done it so many times.

You’ll want to do your due diligence of course. The best way to find out is to explore their FDD, go through the process and talk to franchisees. It might be a good idea to compare a resale and a start-up of the same or similar franchises to get an idea about the differences.

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