What’s Driving Your Hesitation?

This is a letter to potential franchisees or business owners. It’s important to consider why you are looking for a business and what you want to get out of it. Once you decide to take that route, don’t put it off for another day. Go for it!

Dear potential business owner

Recently, we have explored franchise options for you.  We discussed your motivations for wanting your own business; types of businesses that would interest you; businesses that are available in your geographic area; and many other factors that go into making this decision.  I spent a great deal of time researching amazing options for you. We went over the options and I sent you to their websites to gather more information. Since that time, I have not heard from you. Have you put your investigation on hold?
If so, I am confused because my consultation is only a small part of the investigation to find the right business for you. Once we have located franchises of interest, the next step is to introduce you to the franchises so you can learn more about their model and they can learn more about you.  The initial call is simply an introduction – a way to find out more about the possibilities and if you can see yourself as the owner of this business.  Once you have completed the initial call, you can decide if you want to move forward with more information about the franchise – typically a webinar.  At any step along the way – if you are not comfortable with a concept – let me know and I will tell the franchisor and we can move on to explore other options. The initial call does not mean you are going to buy the franchise – it is just a stepping stone in your decision process.

I would like to ask you four questions: 

1.  What’s driving your hesitation?
2.  Is there someone else that needs to be involved in your decision process (spouse, partner)? We can certainly include them on the initial call – it is recommended that we do.
3.  What do you think will happen if you go through with the initial calls?
4.  How is getting more detailed information about the franchises going to affect you?
I want to make sure you get all of your questions answered – give me a call so we can address your hesitation. Schedule your call at this link:  Click here

Contact Trish to assist you in your search for the perfect franchise fit.

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What are you waiting for?

Trish Benedik owner of Select Franchise Consulting will help narrow your options. Our consultation will help you make an informed decision. There are thousands of options in franchising, find the one that is a good fit for your business and lifestyle goals.