Winning Franchises

How does a franchise consultant help you find winning franchises?

As a franchise consultant, I help people explore franchise ownership and have years of experience helping people make better, smarter and more informed decisions. Saving people time and money is a big part of what I do. There are thousands of franchises available…how do you decide which ones are best for you and which ones aren’t? It’s extremely difficult and frustrating for someone not familiar with the industry to find the best one on their own.

You’ll get Help Throughout the Entire Process 

Representing nearly 600 franchises in more industries than you can count. To name just a few…thinking of Senior Care? I work with more than 30 franchises in this category! Pet Care? 10 different brands. Construction and real estate more than 50, Health and Fitness, more than 25.  Food Services? A whopping 65. It goes on and on! Not sure what would be best for you? No worries. MANY people come to me without ANY idea what would be best for them. My expertise is in matching you up with the best opportunities for you.

As a Certified Franchise Consultant I specialize in helping people choose the franchise that is best for them based on their background, skills, lifestyle goals and financial needs. I even wrote a book to help you in your quest for resources, “Franchising Without Fear, Six Steps to Successfully Buying Your Own Business” is available at the link below and on Amazon. Best of all, I am paid like a recruiter – by the franchises, and not by you!

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Questions about Franchising

Contact Trish to assist you in your search for the perfect franchise fit.

Keep following my Blog for more insights into franchising.  Owning a business is about matching your skills with the right business. My 6-step process will guide you to the right franchise and introduce you to exciting opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

Trish Benedik owner of Select Franchise Consulting will help narrow your options. Our consultation will help you make an informed decision. There are thousands of options in franchising, find the one that is a good fit for your business and lifestyle goals.