Featured Franchise – Home Improvement

Choosing a franchise is not easy. This month we feature a rewarding business option in the area of home improvement. Home improvement is a growing industry as homeowners are looking to update and improve their homes.  There is a renovation boom and this is a good time to cash in with a business that caters not only to homeowners but hotels, and commercial locations as well.

This niche business provides a valuable service to customers by improving kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  The upgrade can be completed in as little as a day eliminating the time and mess involved in total renovations. The ideal owner for this business enjoys hands-on work and wants to be his or her own boss. They also enjoy networking in their communities.

The initial training for this business includes more than 50 hours of training and ongoing support. In addition, dealers are granted exclusive territories.  Another advantage of this business is there are no royalties. 


  • Low cost – less than $50,000 investment
  • Fast start-up – once training is over – you can be in business
  • Home based – low overhead
  • Exclusive territories
  • No royalties
  • Ongoing support
  • High profit margins
  • Owner-operator

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