Top 10 Reasons To Own This Emerging Home Improvement Franchise

This Franchise Offers fast Start-Up, Done-For-You Marketing and Scheduling, Absentee Ownership Option, and Multi-Unit Growth Potential.

Cash in on a business that offers products and services for every home and business. What’s more, huge demand offers endless possibilities and this franchise provides all the right tools for you to run a successful business.

Here are my top 10 reasons to consider this emerging home improvement franchise:

  1. Quick ramp-up.
  2. High Ticket Invoices.
  3. Scalable with multiple territories.
  4. Low investment – $150,000+ for single territory.
  5. Flexible ownership options – absentee, semi-absentee, executive models.
  6. Low overhead and minimal equipment needed.
  7. Minimal staff to start with in-house subcontractor support.
  8. Done for you marketing and scheduling consultations.
  9.  Contact center manages your leads.
  10.  No inventory on hand.
  11. BONUS: Emerging brand offers the ability to get in on the ground floor of a high demand  business.

An emerging home improvement franchise is not for everyone

  1. Investment over $150,000, Net worth requirement $250,000.
  2. Not available in some states.
  3. Fewer franchisees for validation.
  4. Emerging brands offer strong growth potential, but higher risk compared to legacy franchises.
  5. Finally, If home improvement does not interest you, there are thousands of other options to consider.

Flexibility and freedom with home improvement franchises

For people who value flexibility and freedom as well as community connections, owning an emerging home improvement franchise is an excellent choice. In addition,  you will start-up faster with a franchise than going it alone. More important, the franchisor offers you the support and training you need to realize your dreams. Let’s talk and start you on the path to financial and personal freedom.

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