Top 11 Reasons to Own a Pet Franchise Now!

I recently tried to set up an appointment to send my standard poodle to doggie daycare and was turned down because there are more than 100 dogs on the wait list! Try to get a grooming appointment and you could wait several weeks. During the past year many people acquired new pets and now those pets need training, food, day care, and other supplies. It is a win-win for pet business owners. Following are 11 of the top reasons to own a pet franchise now.

  1. Control your destiny with a FUN business.What could be more fun than taking care of dogs and cats all day?
  2. Flexible hours and Semi-Absentee option. With your own business, you can set your hours and many offer a semi-absentee option.
  3. Offer a valuable service. Services offered are needed by pet owners everywhere.
  4. Your customers are very cute and happy to see you!
  5. Support of a franchisor for marketing, accounting, and training. Extensive training, support, and marketing are just some of the benefits of being part of a franchise system.
  6. High demand business. More people have pets now than ever before.
  7. Multiple revenue streams. Offer more than one service for multiple sources of income.
  8. Variety of options – grooming, training, doggie daycare, pet store, mobile grooming, boarding. Find out which one is right for you by going through our six-step process of matching you with a franchise fit.
  9. Options for area developers and multiple units – build an empire or a legacy business. Many franchises offer options for area development or multiple-units.
  10. Give back to your community. Owning a business gives you the opportunity to give back to the community by sponsoring pet charities and other community organizations.
  11. Not least is you get to take your dog or other pet to work everyday!

What are you waiting for?

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Trish Benedik is an author, franchise/business consultant, and small business advocate. She enjoys walking her dogs, swimming, vintage markets, and camping. In the past, Trish owned and competed on several horses, lived on a 40 acre farm, and taught business courses. She finds inspiration from her family, quotes from famous business people, and small business owners everywhere.