What’s the Best Franchise?

For most people the decision to own a franchise is one of the most important decisions of their lives. Doing so can yield realization of a lifelong dream. However, for an unlucky few, it can spell financial disaster. Clearly, this decision should be made very carefully and with professional help if possible.

Our firm offers a free service to people who are serious about going into business for themselves. Our services consist of providing information about franchising and we take the prospective franchise owners through a process and help identify the type of franchises that will be a good match for them. We then provide them with a system to research the franchises that they want to look closely at and possibly buy.

Our service is educational and matchmaking in nature. The process works very much as follows:

1. We are experts on franchising and spend extensive time coaching people about franchise ownership. Individuals seriously considering going into business for themselves can schedule a free Initial Phone Consultation with an Advisor.

2. The Advisor coaches the individual through a process which builds a profile for the type of franchise that will be a good match.

3. The individual is given information about a number of options (typically 3-5 concepts) which fit the individual’s profile.

4. Finally, the individual is given a systematic method to research any franchises in which they are interested. The beauty of our service is that there is no attempt by the Advisor to sell the individual on any particular franchise.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams through franchise ownership!

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Keep following my Blog for more insights into franchising.  Owning a business is about matching your skills with the right business. My 6-step process will guide you to the right franchise and introduce you to exciting opportunities.

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